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2018 Volkswagen VW Tiguan in Norman Oklahoma City OKC is the Volkswagen tried and true SUV that has been a stable of the industry for many years. This vehicle is king of the concrete Jungle that has you in mind while traversing the city streets in style and comfort. This is the perfect mid-sized SUV for anyone looking to have an active life. Being a mid-sized vehicle you will notice that you actually have quite an impressive amount of interior volume for cargo and/or passengers, yet are still small and agile enough to swing elegantly into parking spots with ease, whether it be parallel or perpendicular. you can own the city streets with the almighty Tiguan. continue down the page to learn how.

Inside 2018 Volkswagen VW Tiguan in Norman Oklahoma City OKC you will see not just lots of room, but TONS of room. Ideal for anyone on the go that wants to seat up to 7-passengers comfortably. Now it is not a full-sized SUV, but it is also not a compact one either. This is the "Goldilocks" size that for 80% pf the population out there is "just right". This size allows for the 805 to do whatever they need to do on a daily basis with ease, comfort, and style. fill up the back with equipment, carpool friends/family, or even be a daily commuter; it is great for them all. Being the size it is, the vehicle is very efficient for an SUV with its 2.0L turbocharged I4 engine. Get an impressive 21/27 MPG EPA estimated City/highway in this vehicle all day, every day!

2018 Volkswagen VW Tiguan in Norman Oklahoma City OKC has the looks to kill. This city Jungle King is ready to pounce with its ravishing good looks. A simple silhouette lures in the pray and the sharp lines tear it to bits. What is the pray? the city of course! the lines are elegant, the contours are creative, the design is aerodynamic, and the look is amazing. Even the hatch in the rear is ideally designed with a low-swung entry placed roughly at your waist line so you can easily just slide things in and out with minimal effort. There are advanced lighting technologies on this vehicle to give your SUV a sophisticated upscale look while offering improved visibility at night, your wheel designs are breathtaking on each trim, and the vehicle as a whole has never looked better. Just be careful because anywhere you go, people will be doing double-takes to get a second glance at this beauty driving by them!

2018 Volkswagen VW Tiguan in Norman Oklahoma City OKC is a up to 7-passenger vehicle with a passenger volume of 123.9 cubic feet, enough for all. Being a SUV, it is a very safe vehicle too, but also comes with additional safety features. These features are active and some are passive. some of the active ones are electronic stability control, anti-slip regulation, electronic differential lock, and engine brake assist. Some of the passive features are the Supplimental restraint systems such as air bags, the LATCH systems for child seats, and of course the 3-pont safety belts for all seats. There is also TPMS available for the Tiguan which is the super popular tire pressure monitoring system. This allows you to check you tire pressure from your super-handy digital cockpit of you have that option, otherwise you can see it from your normal cluster.

2018 Volkswagen VW Tiguan in Norman Oklahoma City OKC has available this year 8 different trim liens to pick from as you can see above. They all come with the same great powertrain so you dont have to worry about that for your choices, it just really comes down to how you would like your Tiguan equipped. From the image above you can see the highlighted differences between each trim, but we know it can still be a bit overwhelming to choose the perfect one for yourself. Now, we would like to invite you to contact us today so we can get any and all questions you may have answered. You can call us, or use the form below to ask us questions, or better yet come on in! We offer a zero-pressure environment and obligation-free visits to make you feel at home and comfortable the whole time you are here. We will be happy to go over the vehicle(s) of your choice, explain the differences, and you can even test drive them with no obligation to buy! we want to provide you with all the information you desire so you can make the best decision for you. It is our hope that our process here and transparency will give us the opportunity to earn your business. If it does, you will be happy you chose Volkswagen of Edmond dealership in Norman Oklahoma City OK.

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