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2019 Volkswagen VW Jetta in Norman Oklahoma City OKC is the latest and greatest iteration of this incredible sedan. Volkswagen went the extra mile on this generation by giving you everything you have asked for in this vehicle. You have the looks you love, the interior you desire, and all the technology you could want! add to that an impressive powertrain and it gives you one incredibly amazing vehicle. The time is here, betta get a Jetta!!

Starting with the interior of 2019 Volkswagen VW Jetta in Norman Oklahoma City OKC, you will see that there is ample room inside for all occupants, driver and passengers alike. The vehicle starts with a high quality premium cloth and you can upgrade to leather as you move up in trim lines. The seats are comfortable, the ride is smooth, the cabin is quite. For any other car in its class these things are wants, but for the Jetta they are needs therefore given to you up front. You should not have to go out and buy a 50k+ car to get a comfortable, quite ride; so Jetta gives it to you at a surprisingly low price point that anyone can afford! there are soft-touch interior components placed throughout the cabin to provide an inviting feel and elegant trim pieces accent the interior to just the right amount.

2019 Volkswagen VW Jetta in Norman Oklahoma City OKC is redesigned not over-designed, as Volkswagen likes to say. There are several aspects of the car that remained the same while many points change elegantly and upgraded just ever-so-slightly. special accents were added, more dynamic looking lines imposed, slight glass-to-body ratio adjustment, all new lights in both front and back, new grille, and several new wheel designs enhance the car to make it all-new! With the new changes the car is sleeker, more aerodynamic, and overall much more visually appealing.

2019 Volkswagen VW Jetta in Norman Oklahoma City OKC as mentioned before comes with a plethora of available technologies both basic tech you would expect a car to have as well as advanced technology that will blow your mind!  VW has made technological breakthroughs that put the future within your hands reach. These features and benefits are intuitive and innovative that dont supplement, but enhance your driving experience as well as the passengers experience too. Additionally, the technology isnt put in just to have it, it is all functional and makes sense to have in a car. Things like the Digital cockpit, 8" touchscreen navigation, the incredible sounding BeatsAudio sound system, VW Car-net Security & Service just to name a few of the advanced features. There is a Sunroof rain notification these systems can do to let you know you left your roof open when rain comes, or if you left your vehicle open and even parking information like where you parked in a big lot and need help finding your car. Tons of apps to choose from and even adaptive cruise control that is a very smart system that allows your car to speed up and slow down according to a vehicle in front of you automatically.  Those are the high point, but there are many more tech features intertwined in this car you are sure to love. for a full extensive list, contact us today and we will be happy to go over all that is standard as well as what is available for you!

2019 Volkswagen VW Jetta in Norman Oklahoma City OKC comes in 5 different trim lines. The entry level is far from what you would expect from an entry level car these days. It is the S and comes equipped with the 1.4L Turbo engine that runs across the entire trim line-up. an impressive 147 HP that gives you up to 30/40 EPA MPG for city/highway. Advanced LED headlights, alloy wheels, and a few of those amazing advanced technologies we touched on earlier. From there the car stair steps up in trims to give you more and more features, benefits, technology, and options all the way up to the max level trim of the SEL Premium. to go over all the differences here would make this page a book, and you dont want that. However, we dont want to leave you wanting either. In that regard, we would like to invite you to contact us today so we can get any and all questions you may have answered. You can call us, or use the form below to ask us questions, or better yet come on in! We offer a zero-pressure environment and obligation-free visits to make you feel at home and comfortable the whole time you are here. We will be happy to go over the vehicle(s) of your choice, explain the differences, and you can even test drive them with no obligation to buy! we want to provide you with all the information you desire so you can make the best decision for you. It is our hope that our process here and transparency will give us the opportunity to earn your business. If it does, you will be happy you chose Volkswagen of Edmond dealership in Norman Oklahoma City OK.

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