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2018 Volkswagen VW Golf in Norman Oklahoma City OKC is the most customized car in the VW lineup that almost every trim is specially designed for a different buyer. The Golf is a 4-door hatchback at its core, but so much more once you get into it. It is a family car, a luxury car, a sports car, an economy car, and even a family-sports-luxury-car all rolled up into one! This can be a bit confusing on how one model can be all these things, but as you scroll down this page and learn about it, you will see just how amazing this car is and just how different each trim line is.

The one aspect that on 2018 Volkswagen VW Golf in Norman Oklahoma City OKC that remain basically the same from trim line to trim line is the interior. Since that is the most common theme, we will start there and start our diverging paths after that. As you can see from the image above, this is the leather version of the car depicted, but you can get a feel for the interior dimensions of all from it. you can see the seats are wide, have lots of cushion, are bolstered, and there is quite a bit of leg room. All this together means you are going to have plenty of room to fit 5 people inside this car, no matter the trim, comfortably and safely. The ergonomics for the driver are unparalleled in the class, which gives you maximum comfort when driving the vehicle and operating at the same time.  The vehicle does start with a high-quality cloth upholstery, and of course there is an upgrade to leather option as seen here. The interior volume is very impressive for a car in its class that gives you plenty of room for not only the occupants, but cargo if you wish as well.

2018 Volkswagen VW Golf in Norman Oklahoma City OKC has two wagon versions, the SportWagen and the Alltrack. Both have the same engine, the 1.8L Turbocharged I4 that offers 170 HP and 199 Torque to provide a 22/30 MPG EPA estimate for City/Highway. Plenty of power when you need it, but still designed to save you money at the pump with the overall efficiency. This "stretch" Golf is perfect for bigger families that traditionally have extra cargo for the rear. From children with extra curricular activities to doing hobbies yourself that require extra space to acrry your equipment. In the Wagon you wont ever be left wanting for extra space. The SportWagen comes in the S (with or without the 4Motion options), SE, and SEL trim lines. The Alltrack comes in the S, SE, and SEL. We invite you to contact us to get a full description of the differences between the 2 trims. To list all the differences this car has not only between the other trims, but the 2 versions here would make this page too lengthy. If you want extra space in your golf, and still want a great looking car that dont look like a "mom car", then one of these wagons is perfect for you. Now you just need to decide which one is your ideal one!

2018 Volkswagen VW Golf GTI in Norman Oklahoma City OKC is your performance "sports car" in this line. You get the best engine available, which is a 2.0L Turbocharged I4. This engine produces 220 HP and 258 torque to give you a super-quick, precision maneuvering beast; yet still fuel efficient. It comes in two different trim lines, the S and the SE. The car is well equipped in both trim lines but some of the items that come on the SE, but not the S are an 8" touchscreen sound system, Power/tilting panoramic sunroof, and an advanced blind spot monitoring system. of course there are also stand alone options on both so you can get a happy middle if you so desire or an even more equipped on on the SE if you want more. If you are in the market for a sporty, quick, fun-to-drive car..then the golf GTI is the poison you should pick to suit your needs. you will be happy you choose it!

2018 Volkswagen VW Golf R in Norman Oklahoma City OKC is the final trim line available on the Golf model that is the all encompassing "family-sports-luxury-car all rolled up into one", as mentioned before. This is the fully equipped trim line that comes with all the goodies. All the options, the biggest engine, and all the technology you can desire. This engine is the same size as the GTI, a 2.0L, but it is able to give you even more power. this one gets you 292 HP and 280 torque! The car comes standard with the 4Motion all-wheel drive system, the industry "jaw dropping" digital cockpit, and DCC Adaptive Chassis Control to give you the ultimate driving experience. this is the most expensive trim, but you asked for it all, and the R gives it to you!

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