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2018 Volkswagen VW Beetle in Norman Oklahoma City OKC is by far one of the if not the most iconic vehicle in the Volkswagen line up. Going all the way back to when this vehicle was first introduced decades ago it has dominated the industry and has accumulated a fan base like no other. When the vehicle was discontinued it broke hearts, but when they brought it back and kept the iconic styling alive many jumped for joy. There are countless throwback ton the current generation beetle that nod in homage to its predecessor, but that dont mean VW skipped out on any of the advancements you demand in your modern vehicle. This car has all the tech and gizmos you want and need. Additionally the inside is much more roomier, comfortable, and pleasant than the classic. This modern Beetle in all of everything you desire. the looks of the past blasted and fused with the modern world. Lets explore what makes this Icon one of the best vehicle on the road today!

2018 Volkswagen VW Beetle in Norman Oklahoma City OKC inside as just mentioned has tons more room that its predicessor and way more than it actually looks from the outside. You get inside and think you have been transported into a Harry Potter movie with all the room inside. This is due to its intelligent bubble design that the Beetle is known for. because of the "bubble" it actually gives you more! Add to that several refinements inside, upscale interior accents, high quality materials, soft touch trim pieces and the list goes on. The inside is warm, inviting, comfortable, and most of all, FUN! get behind the wheel and you will feel the ergonomics of the car form fitted around the driver as if the car was made just for you. all the switches, knobs, buttons, and displays within easy reach with an intuitive set up which requires little to no learning curve to know where everything is. The future of interior is here, with the VW Beetle.

2018 Volkswagen VW Beetle Convertible in Norman Oklahoma City OKC is another iteration that is available. This version is just like the hardtop but Volkswagen added a soft top that fold back in mere seconds for you to experience the exhilaration of the wind blowing through your hair in style. drop that top and cruise around town just for fun, in this edition. seat 4 people comfortably inside, push the button and in just a few seconds you are ready for a night on the town. Get ready for onlookers to stare in envy at you as you drive by them in this incredible car wishing they were you getting to drive the super-fun Beetle convertible or at lease be a passenger. From quick jaunts around town to full blown road trips, this car can do it all and you can enjoy the outdoors with immense pleasantness the entire time!

2018 Volkswagen VW Beetle in Norman Oklahoma City OKC comes with the 174 HP 2.0L I$ turbocharged engine for the perfect belnd of performance and fuel efficiency. get up to 33 MPG on the highway and a very impressive 26 MPG in the city, EPA estimates. do that with a Horsepower number fairly close to 200 as this does and you have just enough power to get up and go when you need to, but never end up blowing out your wallet at the fuel pump. This is the perfect vehicle for all your fun car needs, in both the hard top and convertible versions. There is no bad choice here. Speaking of choices, check out the image below!

2018 Volkswagen VW Beetle in Norman Oklahoma City OKC has 5 different trim lines to choose from as you can see. The convertible has the exact same choices for you, just costs a little more for that "drop-top" technology though. The entry trim line is the S, which has an optional "style and comfort" package for a happy middle of the road Beetle between it and the next level up trim, the Coast. From there you have the Se and then the Dune. Each one incrementally goes up in prace as the features listed here are added among other benefits. We would like to invite you to contact us today so we can get any and all questions you may have answered, we know you must have a few. You can call us, or use the form below to ask us questions, or better yet come on in! We offer a zero-pressure environment and obligation-free visits to make you feel at home and comfortable the whole time you are here. We will be happy to go over the vehicle(s) of your choice, explain the differences, and you can even test drive them with no obligation to buy! we want to provide you with all the information you desire so you can make the best decision for you. It is our hope that our process here and transparency will give us the opportunity to earn your business. If it does, you will be happy you chose Volkswagen of Edmond dealership in Norman Oklahoma City OK.

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