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The brand new 2019 Volkswagen VW Arteon in Norman Oklahoma City OKC is a perfect embodiment of all the character a car for the future should have. It is a great looking design with high-quality flairs.  Aside from that, it is not expensive as you will have with most luxurious cars, yet it carries all the components you would expect to see in one. It is great to look at and also decent to drive. It is overly admirably ambitious and will give you a right chance to shine.  It is a big sedan with a long wheelbase, plenty of legroom, subtle with ride quality and yet its aggressive looks make it daring.  It builds on the popular Volkswagen's modular architecture and goes over the board with amazing mechanical ties, more space and wider on the road. The fits-and-finishes are awesome, and the powertrain options make it a worthier car for speeding.  Again, this year will see the introduction of both passive and active safety systems. Ranging from smartphone integration on three major platforms - Apple CarPlay, MirrorLink and Android Auto. For an even more luxurious feature, the VW Car-Net will keep your car connected to services such as Dynaudio premium audio. A panoramic sunroof and power trunk with an Easy Open and Close technology will give drivers the privilege of popping up the trunk lid without having to fumble with their keys.  Overall, it is more imposing with an out of the world spectacle, and a host of performance features makes it not only one of the most fun cars to drive but a beauty to look at.

On the inside of the 2019 Volkswagen VW Arteon in Norman Oklahoma City OKC contains a host of standard WV features and a well-refined overall look.  The dashboard echoes that of a deeply rooted luxury interior covered with an expensive clock that splits it into two compartments. A massive touchscreen is plastered on the center stack alongside brand new climate control knobs and buttons that are easily reachable.  The seats are perfect too - giving off a high-end faux carbon look. Asides that, it provides amazing back-support for occupants.  There is enough headroom for even taller drivers; the legroom is massive and almost above that of some full-size luxury sedans. The digital cockpit gauge cluster is amazing to look at. It has the ability to show a full resolution GPS map as well as housing other information such as tire pressure, media information, as well as signals from safety features without distracting you from focusing on the road.  Safety features that are adorned within the cockpit include the blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist and all the other good stuff that makes you feel safe while going through a highway trip. The good thing is most of them are standard, so, you won't be spending money to get them as an extra.

The exterior of 2019 Volkswagen VW Arteon in Norman Oklahoma City OKC exterior shows that it is a car that is not lacking in scale. It doesn't just show off its presence, but brings space, too. It is so obvious that it will turn heads; nothing of this form has ever rolled out of the VW line before now. Extravagantly styled all around and ready to stand out among established competitors.  The rest of the styling depicts the amazing view of a sleek looking car with tough and fast haunches.  The body seats on an even longer wheelbase that give it a chance to have an even larger back seat that is extremely roomy - even tall passengers will be able to comfortably ride at the back without bumping their heads against the headliner.  Other features that will be enjoyed for the first time in the VW line include the latest driver assistance system - a popular feature that is normally seen only on luxury automobiles. This is one of the unique combinations that has made the new Arteon the most attractive interior in its class.  Overall, the inspired upscale sport back of this vehicle will give you the best of both worlds with respect to a car's exterior styling features - upscaled aesthetic enhancements such as LED taillights, with indicators.

For this year, the 2019 Volkswagen VW Arteon in Norman Oklahoma City OKC will be powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine that will make 188 horsepower and running with a front wheel drive system that is coupled to a nice seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission.  The second option is a more potent four-cylinder turbocharged engine that makes 276 horsepower. It will come with a seven-speed automatic transmission and an all-wheel-drive setup as standard.  Other potent highlights include several safety features such as an updated adaptive cruise control system that intuitively adjust cruising speed depending on the required speed limits. A new emergency assist system is also available for this sedan. It can slow down the car, and if possible steer the car in cases where the driver becomes incapacitated.  Most outstanding exterior design features that have put this machine on the charts include a stylized front end, daytime running lights, chrome plated crossbars and a remarkable shoulder section that defines the major features of an amazing car on the road.  Other noteworthy highlights include three-zone climate control, automatic cruise control, parking assist and massaging front seats.

Trim Levels
There will be three trims for the new 2019 Volkswagen VW Arteon in Norman Oklahoma City OKC. A base, Elegance, and R-Line. Base Trim: This version will carry features such as LED headlamps and taillights, an eight-speaker infotainment system incorporated with USB inputs, keyless entry and start, automatic climate control, a leather steering wheel furnished with paddle shifters, and power adjustable front seats. Elegance Trim: This option gets most of the top features above, and also gets a continuous chrome strip on the lower body, contrast stitching on the seats, Alcantara and leather seat covers, aluminum looking pedal covers, and heated front seats. R-Line Trim:  Known as the version with a more aggressive front end. It comes with major intakes alongside glossy black stylized bumpers, door plates with R-Line logo (also stamped on the seats), and 18-inch wheels, plus, head-up display, an all-new 9.2-inch infotainment touchscreen laced with gesture controls.


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